Statement T-Shirts are all the Rage with the Celebs


Statement t-shirts are the new way for celebrities to get their message across. Miley Cyrus recently went to the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Las Angeles Awards and wore a Moschino shirt or dress that said ‘I had nothing to wear so I put on this Moschino dress’.

If you are inspired by Miley’s fashion statements and you want your own statement piece then have a look at these awesome items.

  1. Forever 21 have a t-shirt that has the bold statement of ’I Don’t Care What You Say, I’m Wearing it Anyway’. This is a true rebellious statement piece that shouts at those that are criticising your wardrobe.
  2. ASOS have a simple statement piece that just says ‘Over It’ and will work for whatever IT is.
  3. ShopBop has one that will appeal to the coffee lovers as it says ‘Will Work for Coffee’.
  4. If you are a bit of a lazy girl then you are covered with this statement ’Just Do It Later’ sweater from Nasty Gal.
  5. Shoptiques has that perfect tee when you want to say ‘Never Too Early for Wine’.
  6. If you are one of those girls that can’t stand to be spoken to when you feel on the brink of death because you are hungry, then the ASOS, ‘Hangry’ shirt says it all.

    boutique to you

  7. if you are broke but have expensive taste the Nasty Gal sweatshirt with ‘Can’t Afford this Sweatshirt’ is the perfect statement.
  8. If you really don’t give a…then say it with a theme like the ‘Don’t Give a Ship’ shirt from Modcloth.
  9. From Boutique To You, you are able to say what quite a few celebs have been saying including Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie which is ‘Woke Up Like This’.