Katy Perry is Rocking Moschino Fall 2015


At the Milan Fashion Week last spring, Katy Perry was booed from the Moschino runway, but the singer has now been chosen as the new face of the fashion house. She got the campaign and she also nailed it.



This week on her Instagram account, Katy Perry made the announcement and also showed off her first photo. In the photo she shared she has a striking pose that is sultry.

In the photo, Katy Perry is wearing a black pencil skirt, a denim patchwork jacket and underneath a gold lame Princess Leia bra. She is also draped in gold chains that are the trademark of Moschino. It also appears that she is holding, what looks like a tiny boom box. The style and the look are spot on, but her hair is another matter.

However, with her hair aside, Katy Perry is defiantly excited about her new partnership with Moschino. Her snap was shared with her 21 million Instagram followers with the caption “♥THE FACE OF MOSCHINO♥”.

This though is not the first time that Katy Perry has promoted Moschino on her fan base. This has happened ever since Jeremy Scott took creative control of the brand last February. Since then Katy Perry has been wearing his designs e very where, like at the Super bowl, the Met Gala and even on her own tours.